Marco captures nature’s raw power and ruggedness while knowing how to get the light play by his side. Born and raised in Russia, Daniel was surrounded by beautiful nature from an early age. His teenage and college years much influenced his development as a photographer – from art school in his adolescent years to a hiking club at college, all this made Daniel into the photographer that he is today. Brian Skerry is a photographer and photojournalist who specializes in shooting marine life and underwater environments. Max enjoys hiking to unknown places in an attempt to capture and reveal the hidden beauty of our planet. His photos stand out because of their dramatic and creative style, with lots of depth and colors.

She paints lobsters, crabs, fish and other animals which are all ideal for a natural forms project. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Charlie Waite, Peter Lik is known for his superwide panoramas. These images are able to capture much of the size and space of the locations he photographs, usually only comprehensible in person.

Landscape Photography

Weston’s work continued to explore the possibilities of straight photography for the remainder of his career. In 1937 and again in 1938, he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, becoming the first photographer to receive the prestigious award. He used the funds to travel throughout the American Southwest with Charis Wilson, who became his second wife a year after he divorced Flora in 1937.

These perfectly formed icicles were shot by photographer Georgia Mizuleva in the Colonel Samuel Smith Park in Toronto. Inspired by the natural world, Mizuleva has an awe-inspiring portfolio of images, commenting on it, “I’d like to hug the person who invented digital photography and allowed me to have so much fun.” The natural world is full of beautiful sights – but capturing them on camera is not so easy.

  • However, if you are indeed interested in expanding your capabilities with macro photography, they will work wonders for you in terms of the quality of your shots, and the ease in which you’ll get them.
  • He completed his post-graduate diploma in photography at London College of Communication, and his Master’s at the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester.
  • Not only is he a great allround photographer to my opinion, but an inspiring person as well.
  • These artists produce art from nature and reinterpret the materials to make a statement or prove a point.
  • If you have a point and shoot, the macro setting (the little flower button) does everything for you.

He’s loved by art teachers everywhere and has drawn shells, algae, jellyfish and many other sea creatures. The way he arranges items on a page is as inspiring as what he draws and there is a lot of pattern in his work. Lumachrome Acrylic Prints are finished with a recessed float mount offering a modern, crisp display that looks striking in any home or business environment. For the ultimate in luxury wall art, externally framed Lumachrome pieces meticulously crafted using handmade Italian ROMA moulding are also available. Elevate your home with Aaron Reed’s limited edition photography print, Home On The Range, from his Newest Work Photography collection.

How to Find and Use Form in Photography (Composition Tips)

Gupta’s work addresses themes of abundance, limitlessness, and the idea of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction as a cycle in his work. The artist’s process is led by trial and error, as well as spontaneity to inform the organic visuals of his work. Gupta describes his work as digital sculptures, which explore the unique visual textures found in biology, natural, and man-made objects, and lifeforms that are merged to produce striking and free-flowing digital compositions.

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While common macro subjects – bees, dragonflies, and so on – could be described as wildlife, their world also makes for good photography. Digital artist Kushagra Gupta is one of the most talented emerging 3D artists, whose organic and surrealist prints and NFT artworks convey his early fascination with natural forms, organic and flowing states, and synthetic elements. Natural form artists can utilize almost any medium to highlight the beauty of nature and elements that inspire them to create works that are decorative, utilitarian, and artistic. Kate Malone is one such leading ceramic artist and natural form creative, whose 30-year career in sculpture has resulted in many unique and gorgeous vessels. Famous land artist Richard Long is among the most recognized natural form artists in the United Kingdom.

Amazing Nature Photographers to Really Inspire You in 2024

In Paul’s photography, he seeks to look beyond the obvious; to photographically capture detail, shape, and pattern hidden in plain sight; and to explore its symmetry, light, and texture. His images often feature and are inspired by the natural world, which he feels a strong connection to. This stems from spending much of his childhood in the New Forest region of southern England.

Nature Photography Awards

While the butterflies were taken care of by an expert, they eventually died and had to be swept out. Renowned architect and painter Thierry Despont was a famous French contemporary natural form artist, who was best known for his contributions to architecture, most notably in the restorations of the Statue of Liberty. Despont graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and founded the Office of Thierry W. Despont in 1980. Long studied at Saint Martin’s School of Art and used his conceptual approach to produce natural forms sculptures and site-specific works, which he also photographed.

Though my list would differ some, I am glad you included my father, Philip Hyde, who has often been under appreciated for his contributions to photography. I am surprised you did not include Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Minor White, John Sexton and possibly Carr Clifton and Jack Dykinga. Clifton, Sexton and Dykinga are perhaps not as influential as some, but they would fall into the category you mention of making by far the best photographs. The Westons and Minor White, it has been argued, were not strictly nature photographers. However, they not only made some of the greatest landscape photographs of all time, but have influenced all of photography. Back when Adams, the Westons, White, Porter and Hyde were first working, nature photography was not even a term.

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