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About this Cookie Policy

Our website and apps use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are set and stored on your computer via your internet browser. Crypshark wants to provide you with the best possible experience on our website and ensure that you enjoy using our products and services now and in the future. Therefore, we want to better understand our users’ behaviour on the website so that we can continually improve it. For this reason, we use cookies and similar technologies. We also use service providers to assist us in various areas, such as website operations, IT security, advertising and other services, who may place cookies on your devices through our website.

Crypshark values the trust you place in us when using our platform. For this reason, data protection and data security have an enormously high priority for us. The aim of this Cookie Policy is to provide you, as a visitor to our website and user of our services, with transparent and detailed information about the cookies and tools we use, the role they play in providing you with the best possible user interface and experience on our website, and the choices you have regarding cookie settings and your privacy.

For more information on cookies, tracking, cookie settings and privacy concerns, see also:

To the extent that personal data about you is processed, we will only do so in accordance with European data protection legislation and other applicable laws. For further information in this context, we refer you to our Data Privacy Policy.

About Nova Development s.r.o.

Nova Development s.r.o and its direct and indirect subsidiaries and brands (hereinafter referred to as “Crypshark” or “we”) offer services and products related to the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets as well as payment and IT services via the website and the mobile application (“Mobile App”) (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Website” or “Platform”).

Nova Development s.r.o , with its registered office at Mileticova 21, 821 08 Bratislava – mestská časť Ružinov, registered in the Commercial Register of the Commercial Court of Bratislava under ICO 52349594, is the parent company or website owner and is the provider of the platform as well as responsible for trading in cryptocurrencies on it.


To whom does this Cookie Policy apply?

This Cookie Policy applies to all persons using the services of “Crypshark”, the Websites and the Mobile App; collectively, these persons are hereinafter referred to as “Customer” or “you”. Please also refer to our other policies (e.g. Privacy Policy), which may supplement these in certain areas.


Who is responsible for cookies and who can you contact? Nova Development s.r.o. as a company is the operator of the Platform and it is the central point of contact for all questions relating to cookies and similar technologies on the Platform or in the Mobile App.

If you have any questions in connection with cookies on our website or the processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact our privacy team: Please note that for certain requests we need further identification data from you (e.g. passport, identity card, etc.) to ensure that your personal data is only passed on to you.

Cookies and similar technologies:

What are cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies?

Generally, cookies are text files (usually made up of letters and numbers) that are downloaded onto your computer, tablet, smartphone or other device (hereinafter referred to as “device”) when you visit our website. Such files allow us to collect certain information when you interact with our website, services (newsletters) and applications. We use most of them to optimise the performance of our website and to continuously improve our platform, products and services. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise your devices..

There are many specific types of cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies that are used and their names may change from time to time. To help you better understand cookies and their functions and the use of such technologies, we would like to explain this in more detail below.

The term cookie or tracking tool describes many different technologies, such as the following:

  1. Session und permanente (persistent) cookies;
  2. Flash und HTML 5 Cookies;
  3. Java Script Snippets;
  4. Web Beacons or Gifs (also ClearGIFs, Tracking-Pixels or Pixel-Tags, Skript, Page-Tags);
  5. Other device identifiers;
  6. Other analyitc tools, without direct settings of cookies.
  7. In this cookie policy we use the term “cookie” or “similar technologies” to cover all types of such technologies. We will also provide you with necessary details about specific cookies and how you can adjust your settings with regard to these technologies.

About Cookies:

What types of cookies are there and what purpose do they serve??

Types of cookies:

Session Cookies: das These are temporary cookie files that are only active during a browser session and are deleted after the browser is closed (“session cookies”). When you visit the website again, you will not be recognised.wiedererkannt.

Persistent cookies: these are cookie files that are stored in the subfolders of your browser for a longer period of time until you delete them manually or your browser deletes them automatically based on the time period contained in the cookie (“persistent cookies”). As a rule, the storage period for persistent cookies is between 30 days and 2 years (this does not necessarily apply to cookies from third-party providers, see 11).First-Party Cookies: das sind Cookies die direkt von der Website die du gerade besuchst gespeichert werden, z.B. durch uns oder einen von uns beauftragen Dritten (“First-Party Cookies”).

Third-party cookies: these are cookies that are not set by the website you are visiting but by third-party providers that this website only uses to set their cookies (“third-party cookies”).

Cookie ID:

Cookies can contain a so-called cookie ID. A cookie ID is a unique identifier of a cookie. These consist of a string of characters that websites and servers associate with a person’s specific internet browser in which this cookie was stored. This allows websites to distinguish the individual browser from other internet browsers that contain other cookies. A specific internet browser can thus be recognised and identified via the unique cookie ID. However, the person himself cannot be identified via such cookies (although exceptions may be possible for special third-party tools, see also 11). As is the case with most session cookies, there are also cookies without a cookie ID. In addition, some tools can recognise visitors via “device fingerprinting” and similar technologies.

Categories and purposes of cookies:

Cookies have many different purposes and are used by us for many important functions on our website. In the following, we would like to explain these categories, purposes and functions in more detail.

Essential Cookies: Such cookies may be session or persistent cookies and are necessary to provide you with our services. Such cookies and similar
technologies are essential to enable our websites to display the settings you have made and for correct navigation through the website. In addition, we use such cookies for security reasons as well as for the general provision of our services and to offer our products (e.g. affiliate programme and bonus programme). They are generally set after actions you take before and after logging in to our website that correspond to a customer request. These cookies allow us to store your privacy and language settings, as well as other customisations in your account when you are logged in with them. Thus, as a user of the website, you do not have to re-enter your login details each time you visit the website, as this is done by the website and the cookie stored in your browser. In the area of security, such technologies help us to identify and check potentially erroneous or suspicious access to our websites, user accounts and network (e.g. prevention of identity theft, bot attacks, fraud, etc.). Such technologies also enable us to detect technical problems on our website (e.g. crash reports). Essential cookies are provided by us or by third parties whose services we implement on our website (e.g. reCHAPTCHA, Sentry, Sift Science). If you block such cookies with your browser, we will not be able to provide you with our services.

Performance cookies: Such cookies and similar technologies (analytics tools) are used to generate information about visitors to our website (number, frequency, preferences, etc.) and how visitors use our website, so that we can measure and continually improve the performance of our website, including our services. They also help us to find out which pages and parts of our website are the most popular and which are the least popular, and how visitors move around the website in general. This helps us to further improve the functioning of our platform and the general user experience. In addition, analytics tools may use cookies to improve the performance of the website itself. The cookies may be session or persistent cookies. Any data collected by such tools is only received by us in aggregate form and this is therefore anonymous to us (this does not necessarily apply to third parties, see 11). These cookies and similar technologies are provided by us or by third parties whose services are implemented on our sites. Blocking such cookies and tools via your browser or opting out will not affect the services offered to you. However, it makes it much more difficult for us to continue to improve the user experience that our customers value so much.

Advertisement cookies: Most of these cookies are persistent cookies from third-party providers whose applications are implemented on our website.
Among other things, such cookies allow us to deliver advertisements that are tailored to you and your interests (also known as “customised advertising”). We can also use such tools to track our marketing campaigns (e.g. conversion tracking). Furthermore, such cookies can limit the number of times you see a particular ad and generally make advertising more effective for you. Such cookies may collect information about you and your browsing habits, such as the pages you visit and the links you follow. Advertising networks often set such cookies with the consent of the website operator, and they may link directly to these companies’ websites. In this way, these third parties can track your browser across other websites and build a profile with your interests, this is particularly the case if you are logged into your social media accounts while browsing. This may also affect the content you see on other websites you visit.
Such advertising tools also allow us to deliver ads to people on other websites or social media if they have previously visited our website (also known as “retargeting”). We only receive all data collected by such tools in aggregated form and these are therefore anonymous to us (this does not necessarily apply to third parties, see). Blocking these cookies and similar technologies through your browser or opting out will not affect the services we provide to you. However, you will still see advertisements, but they will no longer be personalised for you, making them less relevant to you.

Andere racking technologies: Files or codes such as pixels, scripts, web beacons, gifs or page tags may be implemented in emails (e.g. newsletters), apps or ads to record your interaction with us so that we can analyse and improve our services and campaigns. You can generally block the use of such technologies by adjusting either your browser or device settings (see 9). As long as you use this browser, these settings should apply to all such technologies, whether they are used on a website or in an email. However, depending on your email and browser settings, such files may be accepted automatically in some cases. Blocking such cookies and similar technologies will not affect the services provided to you.

Mobile App Tracking: When you use our mobile app, we may store individual information associated with your device (such as operating system, IP address, browser type, device type, unique device identification number), as well as activity within the app and network location. This information is used to measure and continuously improve the performance and usability of the mobile app.

Personal data:

Is personal data processed with cookies?

In principle, cookies are not used to process personal data and we cannot identify you by means of cookies. However, in some cases, data collected through cookies may be considered personal data, in which case we would process personal data. We will only process personal data if we have a legal basis and a purpose for the processing and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Data Privacy Policy.


What about links to other websites and third-party content?

Our website and this Cookie Policy contain links to other websites, and by clicking on these links you will be directed to a third party website over which we have no control. We therefore accept no liability for the content of such websites.

The respective provider of the linked website is solely responsible for their content and the accuracy of the information provided there, as well as for the tracking and setting of cookies by these websites.

Cookie Settings:

How can I manage my cookie settings and what other options do I have?

There are many different ways to prevent tracking and the setting of cookies via your internet browser and with your devices. Below you will find some of the most important options and tools for your devices.

Appropriate settings in your browser:

You can prevent the setting of cookies by our website at any time using the appropriate settings (e.g. Do Not Track) in your internet browser and thus permanently prevent the setting of cookies or simply be informed when a new cookie is set. You can delete cookies that have already been set at any time via your browser or other software programmes. This is possible in all common internet browsers. If you want to use a DNT function (“Do Not Track”)

we will not track you or store cookies from us on your devices. Please note, however, that this does not apply in relation to Essential Cookies. However, third party tracking tools may be able to track you despite the DNT function being active (for more information see points 9.4 and 11). If you have disabled cookies completely in your browser settings, you may not be able to use all the features of our website.

You can find a description of the corresponding settings for each common browser with the following links:

Google Chrome und Chrome Android und Chrome iOS
Safari and Safari iOS
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Appropriate settings in your Crypshark account:

You can change your cookie settings for the Performance categories at any time or when you are logged in to your account. or when you are logged in to your account.

Corresponding settings in the Crypshark mobile app:

You can disable tracking and the setting of cookies by the mobile app at any time using the corresponding setting in the mobile app [LINK] and thus permanently prevent the setting of cookies. Cookies that have already been set can be deleted at any time via the settings of your device or other software programmes. If the setting of cookies is completely deactivated in your mobile app settings, you will not be able to use all the functions of our website.

Prevention of third-party cookies:

We have implemented various third-party tools on our website that can also store cookies on your devices (third-party cookies). For more information about these tools and the processing of your personal data in this context, as well as the opt-out options, please refer to the table with the links to the individual providers under site 11.

Cookie consent:

How is consent given in relation to cookies?

The first time you visit our website on one of your devices, a pop-up (“cookie banner”) will appear informing you that our website uses cookies and providing a link to our cookie policy and privacy policy. With the cookie banner we ask for your consent to the use of cookies.

Which cookies are covered by your consent?

We have divided the cookies we use into three categories: “Essential”, “Performance” and “Advertisement”. In our cookie banner, you can tick the boxes to decide whether or not you agree to the Performance and/or Advertisement categories. For the provision of our services to you (e.g. helpdesk, language, login, etc.) as well as for the security of our website and our customers, the use of cookies of the Essential category is necessary (e.g. reCAPTCHA, Sift Science) and therefore you cannot deactivate this category. If you block such essential cookies via your browser, our services cannot be made available to you.

By clicking the “Accept” button, you expressly agree that you have read our cookie policy and that you consent to the use of cookies to the extent you have specified and to the associated data processing. You must take active action to enable cookies.

How can you revoke your consent?

You can revoke your consent to the cookie categories Advertisement and Performance at any time by deleting the cookies from your device and adjusting your browser settings or the settings in the cookie banner under thislink [LINK]. However, these settings may affect the functionality of the website and the advertisements displayed to you. The withdrawal of your consent does not affect the lawfulness of data processing using cookies based on consent prior to its withdrawal.

Please note that even if you opt out of advertising cookies, the advertising on the websites you visit will not be removed. Opting out will only mean that the ads you see may no longer be relevant to your interests.

What cookies can we use without your consent?

There is no opt-out option in our cookie banner for the use of essential cookies, however you do have the option to block such cookies via your browser settings. The use of essential cookies may be necessary for the performance of the contract with you.

Therefore, your explicit consent to the use of such cookies is not required. These cookies ensure the functionality and security of our website and services. We assume that the use of such cookies is also in your interest, as they also help us to avoid downtimes or other technical problems on our website and to protect the confidentiality of your data. If you block these cookies through your browser, we will not be able to provide you with our services.

In most cases, essential cookies are session cookies and usually no personal data is processed with them. With such essential cookies we can, for example: Date and time of your request, IP address, time zone, language, content of the request (specific page), information about your browser (browser version), device and operating system, network connection (e.g. Wi-Fi or mobile phone). You can find more information about this in our Data privacy policy.

The use of the following tools enables us to provide you with our services, to analyse the causes of technical faults and to prevent the authenticity of your data from being compromised. Therefore, the use of these tools is also covered by the legal bases mentioned above:Sentry

Error Tracking: This software helps us to monitor and fix crashes on our website in real time. Only anonymised technical data is collected with this software, which also helps us to avoid bugs and crashes on the website (see also page 11).

Freshdesk Customer Support: Freshdesk is our customer support software implemented on our website to communicate with you if you have questions about our products and services or if you have problems with the registration process, verification or login. The software also provides us with anonymous statistical data about the use of our customer support (see also page 11).

Sift Science: This tool is only active when you use the login or registration button. The software helps us protect our website from criminal activity (e.g. fraud) and protect your personal data from unlawful or unauthorised access, disclosure or use. This tool does not set any cookies in your browser, but it analyses the use of the website in the background in order to detect illegal or unauthorised access to the platform and report it to us (see also page 11).

reCAPTCHA: This tool is only active when you use the login or registration button. The software helps us detect abusive traffic and spam. The software uses a risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges to prevent automated software from performing abusive activities on our platform. The tool does not set cookies in your browser, but analyses the use of the login area in the background (see also page 11).

Tell-a-Friend and Affiliate Programme: We use this first-party cookie to determine when affiliates or participants in the Tell-a-Friend programme refer new customers to Crypshark. This referral cookie is only set if you have been recruited within such a programme. The setting of this cookie is necessary to provide this service to our customers and to provide the bonuses. The cookie is only used as a reference and we will not track you beyond that or use this cookie for any other purpose. You can delete this cookie at any time via the settings of your browser or device.Third-Party Tools:

Which third-party tools do we use and what opt-out options do you have?

The following third-party tools are implemented on our website and may therefore store cookies on your devices or track your behaviour when you visit our website. Due to the way cookies and similar technologies work, we cannot access the data collected by third parties, nor can other companies or individuals access the data generated by such tools. Furthermore, not all tracking functions of such third-party tools can be controlled by us. Therefore, we will not be liable for any adverse effects you may suffer as a result of the use of your data by third-party tools. All these providers are obliged to comply with the applicable data protection regulations and are also solely responsible for the processing of personal data within the meaning of Art. 4 Z 7 DSGVO.

For further information regarding third-party tools, the setting of cookies and the processing of personal data in this context, please click on the respective links of the individual providers. In addition to the general opt-out options in site 7, we offer you additional opt-out options for such tools in the following table, which you can use to deactivate the setting of cookies and the transfer of your data.

Tool Provider Type of Cookies Guidelines Opt-Out Information
Hotjar Hotjar Limited
Level 2, St Julian’s
Business Centre, 3 Elia
Zammit Street, 1000 St
Julian’s STJ, Malta
Performance Privacy Policy Opt-out
Google Analytics
and GA
Google LLC
1600 Amphitheatre
Pkway, Mountain View,
CA 94043-1351, USA
Performance and
Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

Opt-out add-on
Google AdWords
and conversion
Google LLC
1600 Amphitheatre
Pkwy, Mountain View,
CA 94043-1351, USA
Advertisement Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

Facebook Pixels
and Custom
Facebook Ireland Ltd
4 Grand Canal Square,
Grand Canal Harbor,
Dublin 2, Ireland
Advertisement Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

About Pixel

Facebook Social
Media Plugin
Facebook Ireland Ltd
4 Grand Canal Square,
Grand Canal Harbor,
Dublin 2, Ireland
Advertisement Privacy Policy;

Cookie Policy

Facebook SDK Facebook Ireland Ltd
4 Grand Canal Square,
Grand Canal Harbor,
Dublin 2, Ireland
Mobile App
Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

Opt-out über
Bing Ads Microsoft Ireland
Operations Limited
70 Sir John Rogerson’s
Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland
Advertisement Privacy Privacy Policy Opt-out
Twitter Inc
1355 Market St, Suite
900, San Francisco, CA
94103, USA
Advertisement Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

Alexa Metrics Alexa Internet Inc
2730 Gateway Oaks
Drive, Suite 100,
Sacramento, CA 95833,
Performance and
Privacy Policy Opt-out
AdRoll AdRoll Inc
2300 Harrison Street, Fl
2, San Francisco CA
94110, USA
Advertisement Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

Conversion Pixel
Reddit Inc
548 Market St #16093
San Francisco, CA
94104, USA
Advertisement Privacy Policy Opt-out

User opt-out

1600 Amphitheatre
Pkway, Mountain View,
CA 94043-1351, USA
Essential Privacy Policy Opt-out via the
browser settings
Sift Science Sift Science Inc
625 Market Street,
Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94105
Essential Privacy Policy Opt-out via the
browser settings
Zendesk Zendesk Inc.
1019 Market St
San Francisco, CA
Essential Privacy Policy Opt-out via the
browser settings

Update this Cookie Policy:

How will I know about changes to this Cookie Policy?

We are committed to keeping the principles of data protection up to date. For this reason, we regularly review and update the Cookie Policy. This is to ensure that it is presented accurately and clearly on our website, contains adequate information about your rights and our processing activities (including in relation to technical changes or business development), is implemented in accordance with applicable law and therefore complies with the requirements of the ePrivacy Regulation (Telecommunications Act) and other data protection law requirements. We may update this Cookie Policy from time to time to reflect current circumstances. You will always find the latest version of this Cookie Policy on our website. If required by applicable law, we will seek your express consent to material changes.

How can you contact us?

If you have any further questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact our Privacy Team at

Thank you for reading our Cookie Policy!