Crypshark is a product of Nova Development

Nova Development´s focus is to ensure that all the company activities will always serve the interest of it’s customers, shareholder and employees in a well-balanced manner looking forward into the future of sustainability and eco friendliness.

Act responsibly

We believe that integrity and the disciplined management of risk form the foundation of our business. We are aware that our decisions and actions affect people’s life every day. We strive for decisions that are clear, fair, and grounded in the principles of shared success, responsible citizenship and community building.

Trust the team

We believe that the best outcomes are achieved when people work together across the entire company. We believe that great teams are built on mutual trust, shared ownership and accountability. Furthermore, we act as one company & believe when we work together, we best meet the full needs of our clients.

Continuous organic growth

Nova Development´s growth is based on organic growth, that is, through expanding its network of clients and white label solutions. For this reason, Nova Development, in contrast to many other companies, has no good-will in its balance sheet and therefore does not run a risk of having to write off impairment losses on such assets. The objective of this expansion policy is to enable the existing customers into new markets and to participate in the high growth potential of such markets by acquiring new customers there.

High quality of advisory services

The Nova Development business strategy defines business customers – primarily industrial and medium-sized companies and private customers as equally important pillars. In corporate and business banking, a key player with special know-how in the field of new technologies, e-mobile banking applications and as a supplier of alternative ecosystems. In personal banking sector, Nova Development excels with high quality and expertise in providing financial services that require a substantial amount of advisory support and possesses exceptional know-how when it comes to complex types of cryptocurrency investment, STO and alternative Investments as well as trading digital assets.

Strategic staff development

Nova Development consistently endeavors to enhance the professional expertise and social competence of its staff through systematic and needs-oriented further training of its staff members. The management by objective (Mb0) approach and predefined standards of performance provide clear orientation for management and employees and ensure regular targeted feedback.

Ensuring long-term competitiveness by focusing on lean processes

Business processes are efficiently designed, and company structures are kept lean. Rationalization projects and a shifting of resources from administrative processes to customer activities contribute to creating the basis for a solid earnings trend and constantly good profitability ratios.

Core Values & Success drivers


We only work with companies that focus on people, the environment or culture. We always strive to recruit, develop and retain top talents who bring these values to life.


We believe that people who entrust us with money need to be involved in detail by access, coaching and 24/7 support.


As a fintech company, we want the quality of our products and services to be among the best in this sector, honored by our clients.


We are constantly working to develop innovative ways to create sustainable products, solutions and initiatives for a better future.