Once your account is approved, you can deposit money on the crypto exchange. There are several different ways to deposit money via Credit/Debit card, net banking, or PayPal. After your payment information has been verified for platforms using fiat cash, this may be rather simple.

  • With ETH, you’re not trusting a bank or company to look after your assets, you’re taking responsibility for yourself.
  • You may also need to verify your identity in one of a few ways, depending on the company.
  • The fee schedule for sell and purchase transactions on the platform ranges from $0.99 to $2.99, depending on the transaction amount.
  • Products like the Nano Ledger X will help cryptos such as Bitcoin become adopted the broader society.
  • This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page.

Its primary selling point potential comes from the fact that Ethereum script can be, and is used to run smart contract algorithms, in use in a variety of sectors and industries. Some experts predict that the price of ETH could reach $5,000 or more in the next few years, while others believe that the price could be much lower. If you’ve never purchased cryptocurrency before, ETH may be a great way to dive in. And, while new competitors pop up all the time, Ethereum is at the forefront of blockchain technology. Buying some ETH yourself lets you get involved in this exciting world.


While lacking functionality, Bonk has been the best-performing digital token over the past year, running laps around the gains in both BTC and ETH. After Bitcoin (BTC 6.60%) soared by more than 150% last year, investors are now looking far and wide for cryptocurrencies that might be able to outperform Bitcoin in 2024. One intriguing candidate is Ethereum (ETH 4.86%), which is still the world’s second-most valuable cryptocurrency with a whopping $270 billion market cap. If there’s too much demand, users must offer higher fee amounts to try and outbid other users’ transactions. This can make it more likely for your transaction to get into the next block.

  • Several large corporations, including ConsenSys, a leading provider of Ethereum-based solutions, also support the Ethereum community.
  • One of the easiest ways to buy Ethereum is to sign up on Binance and buy directly using a credit or debit card.
  • Cryptocurrency trading platforms can be either fiat exchanges or cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchanges (C2C).
  • Ethereum rely on a decentralized network which means there is no central authority that could tell you what you can and cannot do with your own money.

The fee schedule for sell and purchase transactions on the platform ranges from $0.99 to $2.99, depending on the transaction amount. For conversions, the exchange charges a spread margin not greater than 2% of the conversion value. Binance launched through an ICO (initial coin offering) for its native cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNB). It was hosted on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token at the time, but it has since been migrated to the Binance blockchain.

How we make money

Once you are confident with a site, the account opening process can usually be done pretty quickly. Some investors who want to trade multiple currencies or have the option to convert other currencies easily into Ethereum may want to consider the C2C exchanges more closely. A lot of investors also have multiple accounts with both a fiat exchange and a C2C exchange. The primary appeal to the digital currency is its integration with the Ethereum Network.

Ethereum Cons

Because ETH supports this blockchain, an increase in demand for computing power means that the demand for ETH increases as well. This is different from other currencies, whose coins are what creates demand. This is because, in the US, sites that handle cryptocurrencies have to follow regulations to avoid money laundering.

Buy Ethereum securely

You can use your Coinbase wallet to store, send, and receive Ethereum. Typically, these sites have limited deposit and withdrawal methods for fiat currencies, most commonly forex trading glossary, learn about currency trading offering bank wires and bank transfers. This first group of exchanges allows users to trade fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) and cryptocurrencies on an open market.

You can also generally complete wire transfers, use a debit card or deposit money from PayPal. A significant difference between exchange platforms and brokers are their fees. Since they invest heavily in security, functionality and technology, major platforms tend to charge higher fees than independent brokers. Similarly, due to their additional services, brokerage platforms would normally cost more to use than basic trading platforms. CEX.io is an exchange platform that allows you to buy Ethereum with a Visa or Mastercard. This platform is split between a brokerage service designed for novice users and an advanced trading platform that offers margin trading to more experienced investors.

Best Crypto Wallets

This method allows users to engrave or print an Ethereum account’s private keys onto a steel plate or a piece of paper, respectively. Once you buy your Ether coins, you need a place to store them safely. As we’ve noted before, you are better off avoiding exchange wallets since they are more vulnerable to attacks. The best alternative is to have a self-custody wallet that will let you control your private keys.

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