If the tax is not paid on or before March 1, the state imposes a $200 late penalty, plus a monthly interest fee of 1.5%. If your company has authorized 5,000 shares or fewer, your total Delaware franchise tax amount is $175. A franchise tax, sometimes called a privilege tax, is a fee you pay for the privilege of doing business in a certain state. The annual franchise tax is required and paid to the state of Delaware.

  • Yes, regardless of your Delaware company activity or not conducting business, you are still required to pay the Delaware Franchise Tax to remain in Good Standing.
  • Franchise Tax is the fee imposed by the State of Delaware for the right or privilege to own a Delaware company.
  • Corporations, LLCs and LPs are taxed in arrears, meaning the tax due by each due date is for the previous calendar year.
  • Harvard Business Services, Inc. guarantees your annual Delaware Registered Agent Fee will remain fixed at $50 per company, per year, for the life of your company.

The Delaware Franchise Tax has no bearing on income or company activity; it is simply required by the State of Delaware to maintain the good standing status of your company. If you’re ready to file and pay your Delaware Franchise Tax now, please visit our online Franchise Tax payment form. Business that are formed out of state but are registered to do business in Delaware must pay a $125 registration fee.

Two Methods to Calculate Franchise Tax for a Maximum Stock Company

The franchise tax is a tax imposed by the state that is imposed on companies to allow them to legally and commercially operate in the USA or a certain regions. It is an essential requirement to be able to legally establish your company and maintain good standing in Delaware franchise tax and Annual Report. The franchise tax you pay will be determined by the nature of your company and not the amount of income the business earns. Corporations must complete an annual report along with their Delaware Franchise Tax payment.

A tax haven or shelter is a method of reducing taxable income which results in a reduction of tax payment. The method is any that recovers more than $1 in tax for ever $1 spent within a four-year period. To file as a foreign corporation, mail in the necessary documents. The Delaware franchise tax for foreign corporations is due by June 30 every year. With this type of business, your business income will be distributed to you as the sole proprietor. You will pay tax to the state on that income on your individual state tax return.

Assumed Par Value Capital Approach

If so, that document can be sent directly from the Delaware Secretary of State. This document certifies the date the company was formed, that the company is current, and that the company is in good standing. By not requiring more information, businesses that file their franchise canceling or cancelling spelling tax in Delaware can maintain privacy. The names of the owners, LLC members and managers are not required to be made public. Delaware provides a favorable tax shelter for U.S. corporations. This leads to a high number of businesses being incorporated in those tax shelter states.

The tax rate will depend on your overall taxable income that year. Along with your business’s annual Delaware franchise tax, your business is required to submit a Delaware annual report. Both the Delaware annual report and the Delaware franchise tax are due by March 1 each year. Contrary to the majority of states Delaware doesn’t require LLCs to submit annually filed reports. However, the state does require LLCs to make an annual payment of tax.

What are Delaware franchise taxes?

As long as your issued shares constitute a third to half of your authorized shares, this method will save you money. This means that if you receive a high bill that was calculated under the first method, you can request a recalculation using the second method. The ASM is based upon the amount of stock a corporation has authorized (as opposed to the number of shares it has actually issued to shareholders). Stock is generally authorized on the Certificate of Incorporation (whereas stock is issued in the bylaws or sold on a public exchange).

How to Pay Franchise Tax in Delaware

Delaware lets you use whichever method amounts to the least tax owed. The corporate laws and cases decided in Delaware are often used by the Supreme Court to influence decisions. Delaware also has no personal property tax or value-added taxes.

If you don’t file your Delaware franchise tax on time, you will be charged a late fee. If your Delaware franchise tax is submitted late, a $125 late fee and interest fee of 1.5 percent will be charged. The pertinent entities have to finalize the form and fulfill the tax retrievals for revenue by the due date for the tax filing. For those entities not considered to be disregarded with no tax filing requirement businesses must complete a pro forma form 1120 along with Form 5472.

A corporation has to pay a $50 filing fee plus the franchise tax. The franchise tax can be calculated based on one of two methods. Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report businesses are also required to make various additional annual reports.

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